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I haven't updated in a while, I will provide a detailed update on Friday night. But first, i want to say, I love Scott, Ryan, Jeremey, James, Carrie, Jennifer and all my friends. You are truely special.
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It's been a while

Ok, it's been a while since I have updated this thing. I apologize, I have been really busy taking care of some things in my life that I need to.

Today is Detroit's big stage....Super Bowl Sunday. As far as I can tell, the city looks great, and is putting on a good show for the world to see. I just hope come tomorrow that the new development will be there. It was well known that Jacksonville took a dive after the game was over. The Winter Blast, the new stores, the new restaurants, and just everything about downtown screams "come to me". My hope is the city will make a great rebirth. I am very passionate about my hometown. I love it, snow and all.

For all the sports fans, think about this, Detroit could be title town this year. The Super Bowl winner will be crowned here (even though it is not the Lions.), the Pistons could win a championship here, and the Red Wings are playing well, they could win the Stanley Cup come June. There is of course no hope for the Tigers, unless somehow, the baseball gods bring us a fluke season like what has happened to the Angels or Marlins a few years back. I do not want to jinx the Pistons or the Wings, but with the way they are playing, how can you discount them at all?

4 more weeks of league basketball. The regular season is over. Team Harper Woods Notre Dame took the regular season crown with a 7-3 record. We start playoffs on Wednesday. The playoffs is a round robin format. We play the 3 worst teams in the league, and then the last week of the season, we play the position round games. I'd say we have a good shot at winning, however, our top man, Mike Hill, we lost about 2 weeks ago. On the court, he was having heart palpitations and it was very scary. The next week, he played with a heart monitor, and while playing, it was going off like crazy. He is having a procedure done to correct the problem, and said he should be back for the game on the 15th. It'd be nice to see him playing ball again, however, I just hope he is 100% healthy. He is a good guy and I'd hate to see something bad happen to him. We still have Bolts, who scored a season high 39 last week. All you need to do is give this guy a little space with a high screen and he can drain it. Reminds me of JJ Reddick (and just as hot). I chipped in my usual 10. However, I also shut down the league's leading scorer with only 12 points (he averages 31 points a game). I was happy to hold someone who can match my energy to that bad of night.

That being said, they convinced me to play in my high school's alumni tournament. It would be cool to play against old high school friends. We'll see how this develops, but I'm hoping it'll be fun.

The basketball league will get me ready for softball season. I am in the best shape of my life right now. I'm around 152lbs with 6% body fat (yes, my abs are really showing). I'm looking forward to playing on Sunday's in the MDSL (www.mdsl.org) and Scott's mix straight/gay team. Scott, keep the games on Wednesday's if you can..The people I play basketball with are itching to play us again on Wednesday's. Summer is fast approaching. I'm excited to be playing for Menjo's team. I doubt I'll play as much as I did on Hayloft, but that is ok. I'll get my work in and contribute as much as I can and have fun in the process.

School is a bitch.....I love my networking class. For the first time, I am learning how to create software that can communicate with one another, ie, socket programming. My theory class is difficult. If anyone understands context free grammars and defining the language of a grammar as set notation, please contact me. It's not that difficult, but I haven't found any simple tricks to make my life easier when solving these problems.

For example:
S->aSb | null

is a context free grammar described by the following set notation formula L(G)={a^n b^n | n > 0}

That is the simplest example. In short, when constructing words of the language, the number of a's in the word has to equal the number of b's. Now prove, that for every element in L(G), you can generate a string that can be derived from the rules of the grammar. That's what I have to do. Uggh, not fun stuff, but it is used heavily in compiler design, and developing programming languages.

Work is good......just busy..I got my new car - a bright red Mazda 3i touring. 30mpg gas vs 17 in my Jeep. It is saving me lots of money. I'll have pictures of it for everyone soon enough.

I have been talking to this guy from Dearborn for about a week now, everyday. He seems down to earth, simple, cute, he is 28. In my age range, mature, from what I can tell. The great thing is that we've been talking on the phone. Not silly little internet chats or childish stuff. I have no expectations other than to meet a good person and then go from there. Anyone out there, tell me how cautious should I be about this? I am a little gun shy.

Ok, to Scott and Ryan, I haven't seen you in a while. I cannot hang out this week or next weekend (Ill be in LA). However, we should all hang out the weekend after that. I could throw a small little get together for us old softball folk. There is much to celebrate, Scott's raise, Ryan's winding down with school, James and Jeremy getting engaged, me getting a new car, and the Steelers winning the Super Bowl by 7 points. :)

Well take care all, be good!
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The long week that was

Currently, I am sitting at the airport in Minneapolis waiting to fly to St Louis to visit some friends for a few hours, than back to Detroit, home sweet home. My flight doesn't leave for St. Louis until 11am, and it is 6:30am local time. I do have a lot of time to kill. The wonders of wireless internet at airports is really cool.

I was in LA again for work. The weather was just spectacular. 80 every day, no clouds, man, how I would love to live there once I finish my masters degree. There are a lot of tech companies out in the Irvine area, who knows I might land a position somewhere. I just hope I can afford the sky high house prices. A house that I own like mine (1000sqft worth $140,000) would cost in the range of $750,000 out in OC. In addition, this house would not have a basement. No houses in OC or LA have a basement due to it's relation to the sea. You dig too far, you go to china. No actually, you hit water, and that would not be good for a basement.

I also missed Scott's 34th birthday. Well, I'm sure he would have kept me out later than I would have liked. My body shuts down at around 2am! I gave Ryan a list of 3 shots to buy for him, a prarie fire, three wise men, and flaming doctor pepper. I hope he complied, or he may get the same 3 shots this weekend.

My friends Mark and Jim are coming in for the auto show this weekend. We plan on going on Saturday to that, hanging out Friday night and possibly going out to backstreet or Menjos on Saturday night. I'm sure this would be a lot of fun. I was hoping they would bring Chris (about the hottest guy on the planet earth), but I think he is staying back in St. Louis. GRRRRR!!! :) Eye candy is always fun to look at. I wish he lived here, he's the perfect age, 27, has goals and values set for himself. He works hard for what he has. Oh well, maybe someday I will find someone in the Detroit area that will be my partner. If anyone wants to be mine for a day, just let me know. (No, I don't mean in that sense. I just mean a friend, dammit!)

School starts tomorrow. How fun...This semester break was the shortest one I can remember. I have 3 tough classes, Advanced Computer Science Theory (don't ask, it is basically a proof math class), Networks, and a computer science writing course. I suggest if anyone wants to talk to me, do it now, because with this load and work, I will definitely be busy.

I got the police report for my accident. The MOTHER FUCKER THAT HIT ME DID NOT GET A TICKET. I was so pissed when I saw that. I plan on fighting every once of this in court, because it is bullshit that a black guy that hit me, can give a black cop a sob story. He left the police report wide open for him to get ripped on. In it, he states, my vehicle spun out and ended up on the shoulder, which is true, then the next vehicle changed lanes and nailed me. Now, if you were driving, and saw a car, sitting on the shoulder, and seen him spun out, would you switch to the left lane that would increase your chance of an accident? I don't think so! As far as I'm concerned, as long as my insurance company considers me not at fault, that's all that matters. So far, every indication is that they won't!

On that note, I should be able to get my car this week. I think I am going to buy that Mazda 3 I touring. I just hope I can find one in the Nordic Green color that I like. I was hoping for better incentives come January 4th, but as usual the 3 never has any. I will have to talk to the dealer about giving me more money off my S plan price.

I did get some good news. Chris Harris called me and asked me to play for Menjos in the summer. I feel bad about leaving Scott's team, because I like to be loyal, but I would like to play for a more competitive team. Chris promised that I would play a lot, and even if I don't, I can contribute in many ways to help Menjos win. Come MIST time, if I don't get a significant portion of time with Menjors, I would definitely play for the same tournament team we had in Cleveland.. Can't beat playing with Kacer, James, Jeremy, me. We had a good team. Damn flamingo, they need to share their damn trophies.

Well, that's it, and so I'll be spending 4.5 more hours here at the airport in minneapolis. Probably watching the eye candy, and getting a massage (mmmm how i like those). (Um, some eye candy just walked in now wow........mid to upper 20s brown hair, green eyes, yummy) To everyone who reads this, thank you, I love you all.

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Texas: 31
USC: 21

Defense rules! USC's offense can't stand up to the front 4 and linebackers of Texas forcing Leinart to air it out. I think Drew Stanton is better than him at throwing the football. USC would never be able to survive a grueling big ten season. When you play teams like Arizona, Stanford, Washington, and Washington State (all with losing records) in your conference schedule, sure even Michigan State would make it to a bowl game. (Dreaming there)!

Also, going out on a limb. MSU basketball teams makes it to the final four. The non conference schedule was BRUTAL as usual (BC, Gonzaga, Arizona). The big ten schedule to start the season will be the true test: AT #6 Illinois, AT #22 Wisconsin, home against #17 Indiana, then to top it off before the easy part, AT #20 Ohio State. 4 ranked teams to start the schedule, 3 on the road. If they can get through that stretch 3-1 or even 2-2. They will no doubt be ready for any tough game mentally come tournament time.

Anyone agree?
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My life is hectic

It has been a while since I have updated you guys, because my life has been such a hectic mess. I will try to contain everything in different subject areas that maybe will give people an understanding of what has been going on in my life lately

Work: I wrapped up my job for the Dodge Nitro program that is set to debut in August. It is still building like shit, and S1 (online production) begins soon. Unless they want the doors falling off the body, they need to make some serious changes to their process. The few cars I have seen in S0 were way behind the Liberty at the same point. Part of it has to do with different parts using the same process, but they need to compensate for this short fall with another way of putting the parts on the body, or maybe using different locators. It's too late to change the parts.

I went down there 5 days last week. I was suppose to be on vacation, studying for finals, and everything else, but no, I was called down there, had to leave at a moments notice. I am sure my bosses will make up for this shortfall. The always seem to be really fair. I don't get paid as much as other engineers in the same position, but when you work with two bosses that are fair and like you, you can't leave it. 7 years at the same company is a long time.

I'm in Miami right now for work. It's warm here about 75 today. I fly back new years eve at 6pm.

Car: My Wrangler is a total loss. Total Damage was estimated at $10,209.45. Kinda sucks doesn't it? The majority of that is the underbody. The front axel was broke (in two), the suspension needed to be rebuit, 2 tie rods gone. My insurance company calls me today to settle the loss with me...They offered me 11,825.56 for the vehicle. I only owe 9033.00. (Wranglers hold their value REAL well in case anyone wants to buy one). So I got a 2,800 check to put toward the Mazda 3 I've been looking at closely. It is between that, a Cobalt, or a Focus with priority in that area. The Mazda 3 iTouring with Moonroof, ABS, Air, Power Everything, I can get with my Ford S Plan for 17125. We shall see. I'll be making this decision next week, if anyone can shed some light.

School: I'm done with the semester. My stupid TA who take over about 3/4ths in the semester of my operating systems class, totally graded our final projects wrong. We were suppose to get extra credit for implementing aging in our page replacement algorithms. He didn't give that credit. When I confronted him on it. He explained that is was easy to implement, and didn't deserve the credit. I guess the actual PHD Professor who said we would get the credit means nothing in the course. I've always hated this TA. I had him twice, and if I get a class with him again, I will either ask the professor to grade my assignments, ask for a new TA, or drop the course. As far as final grades, two more As, which brings my GPA up to 3.92. I start the 9th. This next semester will be the semester from hell.

Friends: I met Ryan up at snookers for his birthday a couple of weeks ago. I got him a Target giftcard. I hope he liked it. I forgot to give him the picture of Scott and him from Jeremy and James Christmas Party. It's a cute picture of just the two of them, and I made copies for the both of them. I figured that would mean more to him than a $20 giftcard. (I just hope he didn't bitch about it like he did his family gifts). I will give them their pictures when I see them next. Which is I don't know when.

Basketball: Our team is 3-1. I'll miss the Jan 4th game against one of the top teams in the league. We lost to the 50-48 in OT the first time we played them on a last second 3 pointer. It was a defensive struggle. I think I scored 8 points that game, and Matt (major HOTTIE) scored 26. He can drop 30 a night. The other players are ok looking, but he's just smoking (looks wise). It's weird, we ALL went to Harper Woods Notre Dame for high school, just graduated at different times. I think i'm going to get shirts made up for that. But anyways, these guys are great. They all know I'm gay, but since i can hoop it up, and talk their shit, it doesn't matter. They even pick on me for it.

EXBF: My sister called Travis crying to him about what happened (he had never returned her call, typical). First, Travis is Anthony's, my 2 year old nephew, godfather. For anyone who is catholic, this is a special responsibility where u just send that extra birthday card, or east card, noting big, but something to show that you love him. Well, Travis pretty much threw all that in my sisters face. You know, he lived here for 5 years, and never made my family a priority or tried to make them part of his. He was always too concerned with what his mother was or wasn't. I guess when you are a flower child born out of the pot vietnam era, your mom thinks of you as sunshine. I am no expert, but he will not be able to move into a relationship without totally breaking away from his mother and letting other families into his life. He feels if he does that he will not love his mother, which is understandable, but it doesnt lead to a healthy relationship. He's a momma boy and he knows it. What I really carea bout is him just throwing away my neices and nephews like they can just turn off the love switch. My 7 neices and nephews cared for Travis because he'd play with them (mostly for his own enjoyment however, not out of just being with the kids). To tell my sister he wants no part in them? How crazy. what goes around comes around, so something will happen someday.

Christmas: I spent time at my sisters house for Christmas. My whole family was there. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, sisters brothers.. I think we had 50 in all. The food was good, honeybaked ham, pierogi, kielbasa, meatballs. The kids got spoiled as usual. I got what I wanted a $50 gift card to home depot (my favorite store next to Best Buy) and a package of oreo cookies. After my sisters, I went over to Carrie's house to meet up with James, Jeremy, Jenny, Carrie and Chrissie. I gave them all Christmas cards and $20.00. I didn't know what to get them, so money is always safe. James and Jeremy got me a game called boxers or briefs (don't get any ideas guys). It is just a game where u ask questions about your friends. It'll be fun when we play it (probably Jan 13 when I have a few people over). We then played family fued. Our team won. handily. We then played music scene it, and again our team took 2 out of 3. I was no help though. I don't know music that well. I knew the obivous questions, but the difficult ones from older time periods forget it. We had help in that area. I think we should get a sports scene it. See how everyone struggles . :)

NYE: no plans...my plane lands at 6pm. James and Jeremy asked me to go to Chicago, but I couldn't cause I'm in Miami. Noone else asked me to do anything, so I'll just cuddle up with Snoopy, pour the both of us a glass of wine, and wish that my 2006 will be a peaceful and great year. If anyone wants to hang out with me, they are more than welcome to. :) or invite me somewhere.

Let's see what else... no, that's about it... i'm beat, and going to bed. Ok, maybe i'll get replied after this one :) j/k everyone take care
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Help Me!

I am so bummed right now. These past few weeks have been very difficult for me to handle. About 28 days ago a delivery truck backed into my car and did around $5500 in damage. I got my Jeep back on Monday.

Well, today, I was all giddy and on my way to the airport to fly to Los Angeles. It was for work, but warm weather is always nice to have. Well, my car got smashed AGAIN on I94 heading to the airport. The details of the crash are not worth it, but let me just say I'm lucky to be alive. It was totally not my fault, but the police still cited me for not maintaining control of my vehicle. I was completely pissed at this, and of course, will be fighting it in court. At least my insurance company realizes it was not my fault and will be waiving my deductible. So my car is sitting in my driveway waiting for another adjuster to come out and look at it. This damage might be worse because the underbody was damaged, the front axel and tie rod were cracked. We'll see!

So I couldn't make it the airport today to fly. Northwest was totally unwilling to switch the ticket for me for free. I would have to pay a change fare fee and a 100 change fee. This is really good customer service for someone who flies a whole lot. I ended up changing my flight because my boss said they'd cover the costs. Thank God for him, they are good people that are very understanding.

So right now, I've had so much bad luck the past 2 months. If anyone reads this, please help me exorcise my demons. Give me some love or something, I dont need a boyfriend right now, just my friends giving me support.

ps - the song i'm listening to fits me perfectly
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Does anyone that knows me see me as this?

The Romantic Lover
63% partner focus, 76% aggressiveness, 35% adventurousness
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You prefer your romance and love to be traditional rather than daring or out-of-the-ordinary, you would rather pursue than be pursued and, when it comes to physical love, your satisfaction comes more from providing a wonderful time to your partner than simply seeking your own.

This places you in the Lover Style of: The Romantic Lover.

The Romantic Lover is a wonderful Lover Style, and is the hallmark of young love--the Romantic Lover often loves the idea of being in love, and being a wonderful lover, and so they try to bring their prospective partners every bit of joy or happiness that they can. They are the serenaders, and the ones to rent carriages in the park or take a gondola ride down a canal. The Romantic Lover is a treasure to find, though they sometimes are prone to being hurt if their advances are ignored or harshly rebuffed.

In terms of physical love, the Romantic Lover can seem shy, but usually it is simply a by-product of wanting to be perfect for their lover, and often needs some extra encouragement and re-assurance to truly feel at ease. Given a special, intimate evening, and the right lover, the Romantic Lover can be a delight in bed.

Best Compatibility can probably be found with: The Classic Lover (most of all) or the Suave Lover, or the Exotic Lover.


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Good Deed and impatience

Today, I woke up and found 6 inches of fresh snow on the ground. Man, I love Michigan in the winter. Being the man that I am, I fired up my 2 stage 8horse power snow thrower, and started plowing away at the snow. I started about 30 minutes after my neighbor, and had it done roughly 30 minutes before he had half of his driveway done. He's a nice guy, in his 60s, retired, and has a bad back, so I felt bad, and told him to go sit down. I finished the rest of his driveway and sidewalk in 5 minutes. I just feel it necessary to help out people in need like that. Yeah I feel good about it, but also I get to use my manly snow thrower. I did manage to throw some of the snow on the side of my house and it is packed there. Given enough of it, I could live in an igloo.

After I finished that, I went to work, where I had no time to concentrate on anything that I should be doing. I kept dealing with a lot of bullshit that was popping up. At least I have excuses when I don't have reports to deliver by the date promised.

I was also suppose to go to Ryan's concert today. Scott didn't go, and I was going to ride solo, but didn't want to feel out of place at all. It just so happened that my 10 year old nephew had a hockey game today, and being the good godfather and uncle that I am, I went to support him. The game tied, but it's kewl to watch these kids play hockey. I was bummed about not seeing Ryan sing. I think Ryan is a cool guy, and would have loved to hear the music. I just hope he has another one, and invites me to go again. It would be an honor for sure.

I find it kind of weird that I talk about a manly snow thrower in the first paragraph, and then a choir... :)

I finally figured out how to do my project. If anyone knows CS...i'm just going to create a page table that is a doubly linked data structure. We don't have to map each page table to a physical address, we just have to simulate the page table, and as new pages come in, replace old ones based on a page replacement algorithm. Yes, I know, this all sounds fun. It is really!!! ;)

Lastly, I have grown impatient for guys online. What is it with people wanting to hide behind their computer screen? I often wonder how fags met before the internet. If anyone can shed insight into this one, be my guest. I just want to find good friends that love me, and like me for who I am...So if you are out there, well, maybe leave me a comment here.

Ok, I'm beat........to everyone who reads this....thank you I do care.
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